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Warrior At Heart

Believer, Fighter, Survivor.® Shirts!

These Powerful words have a special and different meaning to each individual that wears them.

Female Fiery Heart - Warrior At Heart

Female Fiery Heart – Warrior At Heart

Eagle Sword Star Design

Eagle Sword Emblem

Female Rose Heart - Warrior At Heart

Female Rose Heart – Warrior At Heart

Eagle Warrior At Heart Design

Eagle Warrior At Heart

Cancer Survivor Warrior At Heart

Cancer Survivor Warrior At Heart

Warrior At Heart American Flag

Warrior At Heart American Flag

Warrior Creed
  • Believer- a person that has trust or confidence (in) as being true, real, good, etc.- a person that has religious faith- a person that supposes or thinks
  • Fighter- a person who has determination- a person with the will, courage, determination, ability, or disposition to fight,  struggle, resist, etc.- a person who fights,  struggles, resists, etc.
  • Survivor-  a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.- somebody who remains alive despite being exposed to life-threatening danger- somebody who shows a great will to live or a great determination to overcome difficulties and carry on
Brand Attributes
  • Courage and strength
  • Self Empowering
  • Bravery
  • Compassion
  • Virtue
  • Mindfulness
  • Wisdom
  • Balance
  • Determination
  • Pursuit and practice of personal beliefs (faith and spirituality)
  • Generosity
  • Timeless
  • Cultivate the virtue of goodness, truth, and loving kindness


The image of a spiritual warrior creates emotional ties that can easily outlast an individual product or service. Warrior at Heart is a great brand story that is never completely told-each new product, promotion, or advertisement is just another passage, one more chapter, and more revealing insight into a complex yet familiar plot. Such is the path of the Warrior at Heart who emerges truly victorious to become a superior individual. He conquers himself, becomes superior within himself and is fully contented.

Brand Values

Everything about the brand, its products, and the company (rights holder/licensor) will be consistent with the value system represented by being a Warrior at Heart. This will include messaging that promotes the philosophies of the Warrior at Heart on products, in marketing, and in corporate communications. It will also include practices in the manufacturing of products that are consistent with the company’s core value system.

In every being there is a believer, a survivor, a fighter. Each one possesses the strength to cultivate the virtue of goodness within the heart. The heart is the place to start for creating peace. Change the world one heart at a time.